A World Of Art, Beneath Our Feet

In the midst of our client related projects, we cultivate our skills with our own personal projects that we work on as a labor of love here and there when we have time. We post them to our tumblr or instagram accounts and tend not to really promote it here on our main website. The main reason for keeping it from our main website is because the content is usually created individually and not together as a team or for a client, thus not an example of client work. However, I feel that our personal projects have so much heart poured into them that it would be a shame not to share them with everyone. For example, I have been producing images for some time now for this ongoing project of mine, titled "a world of art, beneath our feet". The concept is simple; a world of art lies directly beneath your feet. You pass by this art day in and day out and it mostly goes unnoticed. By simply presenting to you what I find interesting that is lying right beneath my feet, I am challenging you to look at your surroundings and find the beauty in the everyday life that you may be rushing past too quickly to notice. I am excited to share this project, even though it is ongoing indefinitely, so that it has another avenue of light that can be shed upon it, also because I'm very passionate about it. I plan to put all of the images into a book some day when I feel that I've collected enough art, until then feel free to enjoy them in their digital entirety here: zachstamey.vsco.co

-Zach Stamey

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