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A Husband and Wife Team

Once upon a time…

This is the story of a guy from North Carolina that fell in love with a girl from Cúcuta, Colombia.

North Carolina native, Zach Stamey, has been running around with a camera in his hands since the days of his Hi8 camcorder that he “borrowed” from his mom to go film movies with his friends. His intrigue into the art of visual storytelling has only grown through the years as his passion led him to attain an Associate degree from the Living Arts College in 2005. From there, he developed his passion into a marketable craft that has led him all over the U.S. as well as internationally.

Carolina Ballesteros Stamey was born and raised in Cúcuta, a small city in Colombia where it’s Summer year-round. At the age of 22, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, she decided to experience American culture by working and studying abroad. After being an Au Pair for 2 years, she returned to school and earned an Associate degree in HR Management from Wake Tech Community College.

It was at a Cuban restaurant that their paths crossed and their story become one. Bonding over their shared love for cycling, their friendship grew and they became inseparable.

Wasting no time to marry the girl of his dreams, Zach proposed under a waterfall and they soon tied the knot and started their next chapter.

Carolina, after working in the corporate world in Human Resources, found her true passion calling her in photography. Elated, she joined Zach in the business as he helped mentor her artistic eye into a trained photographer.

Since joining the business, the two have traveled to various countries to film and photograph and have worked on countless projects with countless clients. They especially love the work they do with Tabletop Media Group; a marketing company specializing in food, beverage, and agriculture.

When Zach and Carolina aren’t working, they enjoy cycling (of course), latin dancing, exploring new restaurants, spending time with family, drinking the finest Colombian coffee, and traveling.

They see everyday is an adventure and look forward to sharing their time and talents with you!