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SEASON & SNARE (Opening Act)

A fantastic band so new, they didn't even have any merch to sell! This duo is surely set for stardom. They have the look, the sound, and they are better than I think they even know. What a pleasant surprise it was to walk into the room at Deep South and hear these two just belting out some musical gold.


These guys felt a bit like a jam band, which is different from how I initially heard Jared's music online with his solo acoustic performances, but they put on a good show! From the bassist who Jared told us was his neighbor, to his seemingly long time friend playing saxophone with a GoPro attached, these guys were certainly a very interesting eclectic band.


Nick Driver and his band killed it yet again at his latest CD release party! Nick played all of his best songs and put on the best performance I've seen in the years that I've known him. The crowd was pumped and plenty of good times were had.

Right after the last song the crowd began to chant: "one more song!" then it migrated into "one more set!"; The Nick Driver Band was on fire. They gave the crowd a bit more for the encore going into Nick's unique mashup of hit cover songs that can only be explained by watching the video below (shot with my iPhone).


David Weaver filled in for Nick's band as their bassist and he has a pretty sweet band himself by the name of GOLD COAST. Have a listen, enjoy!