Elijah & His Epic Beard

Introducing my buddy Elijah Ott, bassist of the Nick Driver Band. I scoped his sweet beard at Nick's CD release show at Deep South and knew right away that I wanted to shoot photos of him. When I reached out to him he said that he would be up for it but that we would have to do it soon because he was going to be shaving it off soon. We jumped at the opportunity and took him out for a full afternoon photo session. The resulting photos came out better than anticipated!

The post on my tumblr kinda went viral when people started reblogging it everywhere and it ended up on Pinterest. At the time of this post it has 510 notes on Tumblr. Small victories are what I live for.


Shot this photo of Sam while testing out the lighting before we got together with Elijah.

The below photos were taken by Samuel Rossi using his Fujifilm XPro1.

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