Much like how I long for Christmas, I look forward to that magical time of the year when Raleigh closes down Fayetteville street and opens it up to the 4 day fun-filled event known as SPARKcon! The chalk art in the streets is probably what I look forward to most every year. But I don’t just go to SPARKcon for what I expect to see, rather it’s the unexpected that draws me out into the crowd. Anything from larger than life Rock’em Sock’em Robots, to hoards of people storming the streets with giant inflatable bananas, to the every-so-often dog with a pink mohawk.

- Zach

I was downtown for the majority of the Saturday of SPARKcon. I had recently read a very compelling article on black and white street photography that you can check out here. With that on my mind I decided to shoot only black and white photos all day on Saturday. Most of which I’m very happy with, not just because B&W looks so cool but because I discovered how much I enjoyed street photography that day.

When I went to put the photos on my pc to edit them a very strange thing happened. They all turned into color photos! It was a bit disappointing and bewildering at first but it turned out to be a great thing because some of these photos look even better in color. There was quite a few gems from that day and it was hard to pic just ten to post but here they are. I hope you like them :)


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