Focus Media offers a variety of services to select for wedding videos to make sure you get exactly what you want. The services have also been bundled into packages for convenience. Below, you will find all the information regarding services, packages, coverage, and video examples are available as well.


The Services are broken down into two parts: filming & editing. First determine what you would like to be filmed, then decide how you would like your video to be edited.


  • Pre-Ceremony Bride and/or Groom Prep - $200 (per hour) - Hair, makeup, getting dressed, reading notes, first look, etc.

  • Ceremony - $500 (up to 1 hour) - Entrance to exit, details of location, vows audio captured via lapel mic

  • Reception - $1000 (up to 5 hours) - Entrance to exit, details of location, toasts audio captured via audio recorder plugged into DJ’s soundboard


  • HIGHLIGHT: [3-5 min Video] - $500 - This style of video will play like a montage set to music that plays out as a glimpse of special moments throughout your wedding day.

  • CINEMATIC: [5-10 min Film] - $1000 - This style of video will showcase an in-depth look at your day. All the special moments are here; from the preparations before the ceremony, through the final moments of your spectacular exit. You will be the star of your own cinematic film and you can rejoice as you premiere it to your friends and family! You can relive those special moments from a well-delivered toast or hear your vows that you have declared to one another. This is the full story of your wedding day.

  • PROMO: [1 min Video] - $300 - This is an extra video that gives a quick sneak peek of your wedding day. With a runtime of 1 minute, you can post this across all social media platforms to promote your wedding video or film to everyone. This can be added to any package.


These packages are comprised of various services and are packaged for ease of selection.


    • $1000 - This package covers filming and editing the full ceremony only. For those who don’t really want video coverage of their full day, but want to encapsulate their ceremony on video.


    • $2000 - This package covers filming your ceremony and reception and editing it down to a 3-5 minute video that will highlight the entire day. Something short and fun to share with friends and family.


    • $3000 - This package covers filming an hour of pre-ceremony, the full ceremony, the reception, and then editing it all into a 5-10 minute cinematic film. Additionally you will have a promo trailer that you can share on all social media platforms to promote your film to the world.


For all services and packages, coverage of your wedding day is provided by 1 videographer with 2-3 cameras. You can have even greater coverage of your day by adding additional videographers with additional cameras at a rate of $500 per videographer. This can be added to any package or service.




Contact Focus Media today to discuss how we can capture your day and turn it into a beautiful video!