A simple concept, yet challenging procedure. Using a MōVI M5 camera stabilizer, we can move freely around in any environment with a single continuous dynamic shot. It can be as simple as you performing for the camera while walking or as elaborate as you can imagine, involving extra people and specifically timed events to take place all in the realm of this one magical take. It is expected that we will rehearse for up to 1 hour before we shoot the One Take and we are fully aware of Murphy’s Law, so we understand if we have to “cut” and “take it from the top” a few times. The full allotted time frame for this project is 2 hours. The video will be edited to sync up with the song and, as with all of our projects, a beautiful color grade will be placed on the footage to further enhance the film like quality. The video will be delivered the next day.

Base Price: $500

Cost will be higher if we go beyond the allotted time frame or if you need Focus Media to do the heavy lifting on planning out the events that take place and/or look for extras and/or scout locations, etc.


This is a big step up from a One Take video, here you have the chance to really show off your moves. Whether you are a solo artist or a full band, you have the chance to give the performance of a lifetime. We will film you performing from many angles with as much or as little light and effects as you desire. Want to do a simple black and white video in a tunnel? You got it. Want to do an elaborate video in a studio space with a fog machine and multi-colored lights? We have you covered. This project doesn’t include any story driven action, strictly just the performance of the artist. The more simplistic the idea, the lower the cost.

Base Price: $1500

Factors that raise the price: location rental, props, set design, more than 5 hours of filming, etc.


A music video that contains a story, most likely with actors. We put a great deal of time into the production of a Story Driven music video. A script will need to be written if one is not provided, and from that script, a timeline will be drafted to ensure the story fits within the time frame of the song. Next, a shot list will be methodically crafted to ensure congruent fluidity the day(s) of filming; this ensures that no shot is missed. It’s possible that some storyboards may be sketched to help you envision the direction. Once those steps are complete, a production schedule will be made. The production schedule will create order and clarity for all parties involved; detailing specific times and locations of each scene so that everyone stays on schedule and the project can be completed in a timely manner. All of these steps are crucial to ensure a professional quality end product. Filming of these types of projects usually take multiple days, thus varying the price. Likewise the amount of action taking place, traveling to the locations, the specific props or certain gear needed, and the possibility of hiring actors; all of these things factor into the cost.

Base Price: $2500

1-2 days of filming, not including the cost of actors, centrally located in the Triangle, with minimal gear required